Intimacy with God

In April, 2015, the What Canst Thou Say editorial team published the anthology of our second decade: Intimacy with God: Real Life Stories from What Canst Thou Say, Mariellen Gilpin, Earl Smith, and Judy Lumb, Editors. Caye Caulker, Belize: Producciones de la Hamaca. Available at Quakerbooks, and other online bookstores.

Intimacy with God: Real Life Stories from What Canst Thou Say is an anthology from the second decade of What Canst Thou Say, a journal that has gathered stories of Quakers sharing their first-hand mystical experiences and contemplative practice. "I read this soulful collection with joy. So many deep and powerful voices are represented here!" ---Faith Paulsen

Intimacy with God Contents:


Intimacy with God: An Introduction

Getting Acquainted

Roswitha Jarman Where are you, Adam?
Merry Stanford Spirit Birthing
Carmen Bruce Gratitude
Charleen Krueger A Sweet Scent
Mary R. Hopkins
Dalton Roberts Meeting God in a Honeysuckle Patch

Intimacy with God in Nature   

Maurine Pyle Getting Closer to God
Amy Perry Seeing God by Seeing What Is
Lillian Heldreth A Question of Respect
Gene Hillman Eldered by a Dog
Linda Theresa Plea of an Old Dog
Helen Weaver Horn Not My Own
Laurie Tucker A Robin is Answered Prayer
Mary Waddington The Vibrating Web of Connectedness
Hazel Jonjak A Deer Shall Lead Thee
Lois Pomeroy Wings of the Hen
David Blair Animal Guides
Marcelle Martin Hearing the Stones
Katharine Jacobsen Lessons of the Spirit from the Earth Winds
Glynis Lumb The God of Wet Things
Joyce Povolny Silence Is the Holy Circle
Faith Paulsen Star Dust
Christine O’Brien A Friend of the Darkness

A Committed Life

Michael Resman A Full-Time Career
Zarinea Lee Zolivea Visualizing Harmony and Compatibility .
Elizabeth K. Gordon Walk With Her
Elizabeth De Sa On Being Called
Erin McDougall Called on the Day of My Conception
Judy Lumb Collecting Parts of Myself
Robin W. Harper It’s Just an Animal
Kathleen Maia Tapp Prayer of the World
Phil Fitz To Live God
Peg Morton A Spirit-Led Fast
James Baker Living in my Hands
Maurine Pyle Stretch Out Your Hands
Rhonda Pfaltzgraff-Carlson Prophecy Isn’t Easy

Finding God in Our Challenges

Mariellen Gilpin God, It's You I Love
Rosemary Blanchard Like a Chick Pecking at Its Shell
Jay Mittenthal Undoing the Ego
Eileen Bagus Sensitivity: Asset or Problem?
Marty (Verna) Neidigh My Guardian Angel?
Linda Caldwell Lee Escape Plan
Anne Highland The Can Opener
Pam Melick Lifesaving Questions
Mary Kay Glazer Singing a New Song
Heidi Blocher A Moment of Light
Jeanne Kimball Facing Darkness as a Child of Light
Viv Hawkins Faith to Follow: Nothing to Fear
Eric Sabelman Stuck in a State of Prayer
Barbara Clearbridge As Real as Friendship
Janis Ansell Free and Infinite
Janis Ansell Q&A
Jean Roberts The Less I Said
Ruth Stillwell Easy Mover
Faith Paulsen The Blister
Carol Roth Out of the Blue
Jennifer Frick An Absolute Total Knowing

With God in Pain and Despair

Robin Arbiter Promise and Pain; Lilith
Robin Arbiter OhSorrow, Here You Are
Allison Randall From Silence to Singing
Lee Rada From Addiction to Happiness
Dalton Roberts I Wonder What He Wrote in the Sand
Carol Roth Our Names Are Known
Cathy Waisvisz Legion’s Healing
Alicia Adams The One Sent to Help
Jaqueline Z. W. Hannah Angel in a Trench Coat
Angeline Reeks Shadows
Michael Resman Hard Lessons
Anne Highland The Next Breath
Lynn Kirby Gratitude in the Face of ... 
Paul Schobernd I'll Bring My Own Rocks

Intimacy in the Journey with God

Beth Schobernd Grace by the Sea
Rhonda Pfaltzgraff-Carlson An Encounter with the Comforter
Carolyn Wilbur Treadway Birthed into Grace
Anne Scherer Communication with God, with Spirit
Deborah L. Shaw Spirit Poured on Flesh
Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano Lord, Did You Also Wash Dishes?
Mary Satterfield One Thing I Have Asked of the Lord
Rhonda Ashurst Creating a Sacred Workplace
Jennifer Elam Dancing with God
Charleen Krueger Honey from the Sky
Janet Ferguson Does Evil Exist?
Linda Theresa When Does Grace Enter?
Judith Favor An Ineffable Presence
Helen Siciliano A Love I Could Not Put into Words
Joyce B. Adams Encounters with Jesus
Hazel Jonjal An All-Encompassing Affinity
Marty (Verna) Neidigh Invited Into the Kitchen
William H. Mueller The Beloved Disciple ..
Diann Herzog Walk as Children of Light
Sadie Vernon Dreams and Visions
Marcia J. Jones I Felt His Spirit Leave
Lillian Heldreth I Think Her Spirit Passed Then

Celebrating Intimacy with God

Bob Barnes What Treasures!
Patricia McBee To Love Thee More Dearly
Jennifer Elam Sunrise on Easter Morning, 2011 .
Helen Weaver Horn April Morning
Sally Campbell Gifts Meant to Be Shared
Zarinea Lee Zolivea Worshipful Vision
James Baker As I Have Showed You
Jennifer Elam Getting Real with God
Christine O’Brien Blessings Beyond Naming
Judy Lumb Ice in Someone Else's Soup
Lauren Leach Bat Line to God
Mariellen Gilpin Nooks and Crannies
Mariellen Gilpin Horny for God
Kathleen Maia Tapp Icon
Kathleen Maia Tapp In the Land of the Great Mother
Allison Randall Photography as Gratitude
Patricia Reitemeyer My Golden Pond
Michael Resman Worship
Vera Dickinson Drenched with Love
Janet Means Underhill I Give Thanks
Janet Means Underhill Mystery and Wonder Fill My World

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