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Each issue of What Canst Thou Say? is organized around a particular theme. Use the following themes and associated queries to spur your creativity and organize your thoughts. Then send us your story!


May 2019   Eldership

August 2019   Discernment

November 2019   Young Adult Spirituality


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May 2019 Eldership
Guest Editor: Alison Levie with Mike Resman

And dear people of God, be tender over the least breathings of God’s Spirit in one another and all wait to be clothed with a healing Spirit. ---William Dewsbury

What is your experience with spiritual eldership? Has someone acted as a “midwife to your soul? Have you witnessed Friends speaking both kindly and clearly in response to Friends' choices? Have you seen the skills needed for this important role nurtured? Does Spirit-led eldering deepen the faithful vitality of Friends meetings?                                        Deadline February 15, 2019

August 2019 Discernment
Guest Editor: Marcia Nelson with Mariellen Gilpin

"There is a sense in which growth in the spiritual life comes precisely in faithful exercise of whatever capacity for discernment we are given. That is: as far as we are able, we practice an ongoing intentional openness and prayerful attentiveness to intimations of divine presence and guidance, both inwardly and in outward life and relationships." (From Spiritual Discernment, Patricia Loring) 

How have you experienced discernment? What tests of discernment have you used? How have you distinguished discernment from ordinary thinking? In what way(s) has discernment made a difference for you?                  Deadline May 15, 2019

November 2019 Young Adult Friends’ Spirituality
Guest Editor: Greg Woods

 What role has your faith/spirituality played as you traverse young adulthood? What has most surprised you about your journey? What are you seeking in a spiritual community? What have been the challenges in your search?  Have you found what you seek? What gifts do you bring to a spiritual community? Who or what has inspired you spiritually as a young adult? How has that inspiration affected your spiritual journey? Deadline August 15, 2019