Immersed in Prayer

We invite you to write for a WCTS book supporting prayer lives

Author Guidelines for Immersed in Prayer

What Canst Thou Say (WCTS) is expanding its ministry by gathering stories about prayer experiences. Our intention is to support others who seek to enrich their prayer lives. Prayer is many things but at its heart, a way to connect with Divine Love. None of us can claim to be experts, but all of us can reach for the One.

First person stories and poems are sought, sharing what authors have experienced while living lives of prayer. We are not looking for what you have read or heard from others, but about your experiences with prayer.

Submissions should be a maximum of 1000 words. Allow readers to get deeply into your message by focusing each submission on only one of the queries below. You are welcome to respond to as many queries as you like, each story focused on a single query. Please indicate which query your story is speaking to.

Submissions will be edited lightly for focus and flow. All authors will be allowed their own voice. Authors will get final approval of any editorial changes.

We also welcome poems that don’t exceed 1000 words, and black and white drawings. Please indicate which query your art is directed toward.

In addition to your submission, please include a one or two sentence bio about yourself. These could include where you worship, and what you want readers to know about yourself.

If too many submissions are received for a print version, some will be published on the WCTS website.

All authors and artists retain copyright to their articles and artwork published. WCTS retains the right to publish either in the book, Immersed in Prayer, or on the WCTS website.

Authors of printed stories will receive a complimentary copy of the book their story appears in as their only compensation.

Deadline for submissions is March 31st, 2016.

This is an international invitation. Given the editor’s limitations, translations into English are encouraged, but not required.

Send submissions or requests for information to Michael Resman at


Queries for Immersed In Prayer

What prompted you to decide to undertake a life of prayer?

What happens when you pray?

Whom or what do you encounter when you pray? What is their essence?

How would you describe the relationship you have with the one you encounter?

To what extent is it you or God that controls what happens while you pray?

Do you have nicknames for yourself or the Other?

How have your prayers changed over time? 

What changes has prayer produced in you?

What part does prayer play in your life? What has it led you to do? 
What does your prayer do for the world-- physically, emotionally, or spiritually?

If you practice perpetual prayer, how did you learn it and what do you do?

What are some of the signs of growth you notice in your prayer life?
What has helped grow your prayer life? 

What impediments to prayer have you experienced? 

What ways did you find to work-around your impediments to prayer?

What suggestions do you have for those seeking to live a life of prayer?