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Each issue of What Canst Thou Say? is organized around a particular theme. Use the following themes and associated queries to spur your creativity and organize your thoughts. Then send us your story!


May 2018    Other Lives

August 2018      Angry with God

November 2018         Buried Treasure: Insights from My Ancestors




May 2018 Other Lives


Guest Editor: Rhonda Ashurst
Do you sense you had an earlier life--perhaps a dream set in another time and place, in which you are someone else? Have you met someone, or been in a place or a culture, unfamiliar and yet eerily familiar? Have you experienced yourself in another lifetime, another personality?  Is there work in this life that began in an earlier life? Is your work now enhanced (or not) by your sense of an unfinished task from that earlier life?                                 Deadline February 15, 2018

August 2018 Angry with God
Editor: Mike Resman

“The arrows of the Almighty find their mark in me, and their poison soaks into my spirit. God’s onslaughts wear me away. … Oh how shall I find help within myself? The power to help myself is out of my reach.” ―Job 6: 4,13. Have you been angry with God? Why did you become angry with God? How was your anger with God resolved? How has your anger with God altered you spiritual experiences.                                                 Deadline May 15, 2018

November 2018 Other Lives
Guest Editor: Betty Brody with Pamela Richards

A reflection on the lives of our ancestors can help us construct an awareness of the whole fabric of who we are. To be whole is to be healed on a deep level. What spiritual or emotional journeys have been inspired by learning about the lives of your family members who have passed on? Whether you have experienced them as positive or negative, what gifts of healing, awareness, challenges, teaching or inspiration have you received from family members?                                     Deadline August 15, 2018